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Who are Climbers Companions?

Climbers Companions was born through the realisation that the vast amounts of information gathered when planning and organising an expedition, prior to going and in-country, could be useful to other people.

The editor, Clare Martin, is an avid climber and mountaineer who has spent the last 15 years seeking out new and exciting places to explore. Working only part time in a ‘normal job’ she has been able to spend a reasonable percentage of each year abroad climbing, mountaineering and skiing with her husband.

These expeditions have taken her to a variety of climbing Mecca’s across Europe, North Africa, America, Asia and Australia.

All the e-books are written with a personal touch but they are certainly not diaries of holidays. They are written in an informative manner, packed with essential and useful information in a relaxed style that is easy to read.

The authors make no claims to be authorities on new routes or to have developed new crags. The e-books are honest and accurate detailed accounts of climbing in the particular region and the logistics involved with climbing and travelling there. The idea is to give the reader an invaluable in-country insight before leaving home.

Any feedback on both the website and e-books are both welcomed and encouraged. Please use the contact page to email us.

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