Climbing in the Rhone Valley

Rhone Valley, Switzerland E-book : An English Companion for Climbers

Ever thought of climbing in Switzerland?

Can't fine much information?

This eBook covers the Rhone Valley which stretches from the eastern end of Lake Geneva to Martigny. The rock and climbing potential is almost endless and if this is an area you have not before explored you are in for a treat. As cragging destinations go this is one of the most easily accessible areas because it is only a couple of hours drive from Geneva airport which is inundated with both budget and charter airlines all year round.

Like with many things, the Swiss tend to play their cards close to their chest, hence it is relatively hard to find information or even buy guidebooks outside of the country. But once you do get the inside knowledge and venture onto some of the immaculate cliffs you will most certainly be taken with the  area.

This eBook aims to give you this inside knowledge based on in-country experience, both living and travelling in Switzerland. The content is not intending to replace the excellent guidebooks that are available but to be a companion for those who are not local and certainly for those you are not sufficiently fluent in either French or German.

If you have ever wondered what Switzerland has to offer beyond its big alpine regions, the Rhone Valley could well have the answer. It provides the perfect contrast to the nearby higher mountain regions and often offers a better climate if the weather has come in higher up. Climbing in Switzerland and more specifically the Rhone Valley gives you both single and multi pitch routes at all levels to inspire almost any climber.

This eBook gives you 34 pages of information about the various crags in the area enabling you to choose the best destination based on your desires, time constraints and weather conditions. Buy the ebook and learn a little about this unknown gem.

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Rhone Valley Climbers Companions Sample Pages

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