Climbing in Bulgaria

Bulgaria E-book : An English Companion for Climbers

Is there any rock in Bulgaria you ask?

The answer is YES! Lots, you just have to know where to look!

Bulgaria is a land of contrasts, both geographically and culturally. There are extensive mountain ranges, medieval cities and stunning coastlines. Bulgaria is well known for its Black Sea coastline and mountain ski resorts but for the climber it also holds many other hidden gems.

The mountains obviously have many excellent routes but there are also amazing limestone outcrops that rise, seemingly, out of nowhere! Bulgaria is a destination that will excite almost any climber. Whether you are in search of long multi pitch alpine adventures, hard sport routes or a travelling climbing holiday, Bulgaria may just have the answer.

There is very little information available for climbing in Bulgaria that is in English and what you find in Bulgarian, although translatable needs a little deciphering!

This eBook will bring together and clarify all the information available about Climbing in Bulgaria while providing invaluable insights picked up while travelling and climbing there for a whole summer.

All Climbers Companions eBooks provide a personal touch based on personal experience but get the important and useful information across in a concise easy to digest format.

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Bulgaira Climbers Companions Sample Pages

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