Climbing in the Picos de Europa

Picos de Europa E-book : An English Companion for Climbers

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This eBook is based on information gathered in 2008 and contains facts and tips top help you plan your trip. Although weblinks and prices were last updated in 2010, there are not many books on the market about climbing in the Picos de Europa. In fact, there is only one in English which was written in 1989, it has since been republished but not updated.

This is ebook is based on first hand information while climbing in the Picos de Europa. It is not a climbing guidebook it's aim is to be a companion to the climbing guides available; it is not attempting to be a substitute. If you are thinking of heading out to the Picos de Europa to climb, this e-book will save you hours of research and give you insights and extra information about climbing in the area.

Have a look at the sample pages (pdf below) of the book. It is a 27 page e-book instantly downloadable. No postage and packaging, no waiting for delivery, save time, buy the e-book and download your very own copy immediately. It comes in PDF so is easily navigated on screen but can also be printed out if you prefer a hardcopy. There are no photos in the e-book, it is pure information. 27 whole pages of facts about how to get to crags, some of the classic routes and useful information about the areas including accommodation and local amenities.

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Picos de Europa Ebook Sample Pages

Picos Sample Pages (pdf)